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Going One-to-One: iPads and Mobile Devices in Education

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As two of the men behind New York City’s first iPad one-to-one deployment, Patrick Fogarty and Brendan Fitzpatrick have plenty of experience integrating technology into learning environments on a grand scale. In Going One-to-One: iPads and Mobile Devices in Education, they distill their experiences into a compact volume intended to guide schools, administrators, educators and IT professionals through the stages of a one-to-one deployment.

Despite the best efforts of parents, teachers, administrators, and community leaders, many schools have struggled to keep up with the accelerating pace of technological progress in the 21st century; look no further than the national engineering crisis taking place despite a cresting unemployment rate for illustration of this unfortunate truth. What if there was a way to engage students, provide them with robust access to technological tools, and future-proof their educations? And what if there was a way to embrace innovation without bankrupting your school or district? Going One-to-One: iPads and Mobile Devices in Education posits that all of these goals are fiscally and pedagogically achievable with the right program in place.

Integrating technology into every fiber of the student experience is one way to address the evolutionary changes we've seen in our classrooms and students. Going One-to-One is about realizing the educational potential of a one-to-one computing environment, and trying to assuage the fears many educators and administrators have when facing change of such epic proportions. No other book guides its reader through all the different elements of a 1:1 deployment, from getting school stakeholders excited to creating a network that can support hundreds (or in some cases thousands) of mobile devices. Along the way, detours will take the reader into different classrooms to see how educators and school leaders across the country have selected, deployed, and utilized mobile computing devices in their classrooms.

Going One-to-One has become a part of college curriculums and teacher training programs since its release and is available everywhere digital texts are sold, including Amazon.com, iTunes Bookstore, and barnesandnoble.com. It retails for $8.99.